Boston Marathon 2019

Boston qualifier and now Boston Marathon Finisher!

Hey! Thanks for exploring my page. My name is Meredith and I am a graphic designer & looking for a full time role!! I am currently working as a freelance designer on the hunt for the right fit in my career. I am a Miami University grad, located in Oxford, Ohio. I received my Bachelors of Arts in Interactive Media Studies paired with a minor in Graphic Design. This site is to exhibit my portfolio work and show my way of finding creative solutions. Throughout my time at Miami I gained experience in many forms of graphic design, but my greatest passion is package design. As a consumer I know that I am strongly influenced by a products packaging. I want to design packaging that is more than meets the eye, something that speaks to the brand and is exciting to the consumer making them want to purchase again.

A little more about my past design roles -

I became the lead designer of a small team at Swing Design. Swing is the number one distributor of Silhouette Cameo’s and is continuing to expand their reach in the vinyl craft world. I was the only creative in the office at the end of my time there, responsible for web page banners, product image updates, email content, photography, and more. I continued my relationship with the company and now do contract work for them and the sister site, SoFontsy. During my time at Dunkin' Brands I was the Digital Innovation Intern. I worked directly with the gift card and payment programs. Beyond my day to day tasks of assisting in payment promotions, carrying out a request for proposal, and designing new content for the eCommerce consolidation, I took initiative on further design work. I designed the upload your own photo templates and a back to school gift card design that is in the DD mobile app. In my future work, I aim to continually take initiative on projects beyond what I complete successfully day-to-day.

Outside of my drive to continue designing and creating, I am a runner. I find this to be an essential part to include in my About page because it is a huge part of who I am. I ran track in high school, but after running my first half marathon in college, I have converted over to distance running. I have now completed three marathons. In October of 2017 I ran the Bank of America Chicago Marathon and qualified for the Boston Marathon. I ran THE 2019 Boston Marathon and This has been my greatest accomplishment and I hope to improve my time in races to come. I like the guidance of a training plan and the self-improvement and me-time I get while running miles and miles. 

Thanks for reading!


Meredith J. Kress

Meredith J. Kress