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Technology is an ever-changing part of our world that continues to improve digital communication and therefore people rely on social media and cell phones to stay connected with friends. Hand written stationary is falling behind the times and the concept that is lacking in the digital world is personalization and customization. Another inhibiting factor is the rise of online shopping and click-to-buy convenience. The combination of online shopping and social media communication needs to be met halfway when it comes to stationery. The goal is to simplify the greeting card shopping experience and make staying connected more personal. This subscription will provide users with an interactive app that follows the users calendar in order to suggest cards for appropriate occasions and creates an address book based on friends you connect with. This solution eliminates sending a late card and having to ask for the recipient’s new address. The incentives are rewards for loyal subscribers and discounts for new members that are referred by friends. The objective is to keep connected on a more personal level when life changes and connections are distanced. 

Below are the screens showing the different pages within the app I designed! I did learn to code a portion of the mobile app, but hope to carry out this business plan for real in the future! Cross & Dot © 2017