Holler Bridal Shower's

These were the most fun freelance projects I have done to date! I was the designer for two sister’s bridal showers! Abigail, the bride that got married in August of 2018, had me design not only her bridal shower invite but also her and Nick’s wedding invite. Her older sister, Charlotte, had her shower a couple months later and is to be married in December 2018, two beautiful brides with fun and differing bridal shower themes.

I designed Abigail’s shower invite with a combination of my own hand lettering and illustrations with sans serif fonts. She and her fiancé are Wake Forest Alumni and their school colors of black and gold are their wedding colors. The elements of a bubbly bar, cake topper, garlands, personalized letters, and a Mrs. champagne flute came together for Abigail's perfect shower. Assembling the shower and creating the invite was a door opening opportunity for me and I hope to help with more showers in the future!

I moved right on to designing Charlotte’s bridal fiesta invite. She had a very different theme which made it fun to change things up and tailor to two unique brides. From succulent cupcakes and hot sauce party gifts to a margarita bar and queso bar, it sure was a fiesta! Cheers to Charlotte and Connor!